Welcome to the Teach Digital’s Open Educational Resources 

Welcome the Teach Digital Open Educational Resources, here you will find a complete set of learning objectives, training materials and case studies that have been developed to provide adult educators with a unique set of training materials specifically designed to meet the needs of migrant and ethnic minority women to develop digital skills, knowledge and confidence.  The material will subsequently benefit educators to develop their own skills and confidence in digital education.

These resources are comprised of five modules being:

Module 1: Information and Data Literacy 

Module 2: Communication and Collaboration 

Module 3: Digital Content creation

Module 4: Problem solving 

Module 5: Safety 

To view the material for yourself, simply click the download button a below and browse each module on your own device at a time that suits your needs best!

Teach Digital – Module 1 – EN
Teach Digital – Module 2 – EN
Teach Digital – Module 3 – EN
Teach Digital – Module 4 – EN
Teach Digital – Module 5 – EN


This is your guide to our Teach digital open educational resources!
This guide is for the Open Education Resources; designed by adult educators for adult educators
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